The Graduate Fellows are those who have demonstrated interest in teaching and promoting discussion of ethical issues. Fellows conduct research, and/or teach on ethics issues in their respective fields and participate in Parr Center events on ethics issues that arise in public and professional life. They routinely update the Parr Center on their work within ethics and strive to extend the reach of the Parr Center.

Name Affiliation Research Interest
Joshua Blanchard Department of Philosophy Metaethics, Moral Theory, Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion
Ian Cruise Department of Philosophy Metaethics, Moral Theory
Bryan Dougan Department of Anthropology Anthropology of medicine, health, and humanitarianism; post-colonial psychiatry; ethics, standardization of knowledge and technology, and global health; east Africa; Tanzania
Caleb Harrison Department of Philosophy Moral Philosophy and Applied Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of the Mind
Joshua P. Miller Department of Political Science Classical Political Thought, Critical Theory, Democratic Theory
Joshua Olsen School of Information and Library Science Ethical constraints of confidence thresholds in Bayesian statistics
Mark Ortiz Department of Geography Political Ecology, Climate Politics, Environmental Humanities, Critical development studies
Lauren Townsend Department of Philosophy Moral Theory, Philosophy of the Mind, Bargaining Ethics

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