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PPE Talk: Abhi Nemani

Abhi Nemani is the cofounder of EthosLabs, "a new company built to connect the dots between governments looking to do things differently, and startups ready to serve." He is also the interim Chief Innovation Officer for the city of Sacramento. … Read more

Public Lecture: Luc Bovens

"How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways” Luc Bovens A core challenge in the Philosophy of Love is to account for love’s constancy: True love is not subject to trading up and it persists in the face … Read more

Public Lecture: Ruth Chang

"Hard Choices" Ruth Chang What are hard choices? I discuss and criticize three common answers and then make a proposal of my own. Hard choices point the way to a different way of thinking about what it is to be … Read more

Ethics Around the Table with Kevin Trapani

"The Toxicity of Profit and the Role of Business in Society" Our global community now shares a powerful ideology: What's good for business is good for community. Is that true? If so, why are social inequities so vast? Why are … Read more

PPE Talk: Alex Voorhoev

‘Healthy Nails versus Long Lives: The Psychology, Theory and Practice of Weighing Small against Large Harms’ Alex Voorhoev is an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific Method at LSE.  He works broadly in political philosophy and … Read more

Parr Center Forum: The Ethics of Boycotts

Many people think that we have a moral duty to boycott harmful practices. But do you make a difference when you boycott a harmful practice? And does your moral duty to boycott this practice depend on whether or not you … Read more

Parr Center Presents: Emily Baxter, “We Are All Criminals”

Emily Baxter is the Director of We Are All Criminals, a non-profit, non-partisan organization that seeks to inspire empathy and ignite social change through personal stories of crime, privilege, justice, and injustice, disrupting the barriers that separate us. Participants in … Read more