The North Carolina High School Ethics Bowl appreciates your support to continue providing the tools, resources, travel stipends, and outreach for high school ethics bowls across the country. Your financial support or in-kind gifts is critical to reaching our goal—providing ethics and philosophy opportunities to every student in every school.

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Your support is essential to the growth and success of the North Carolina High School Ethics Bowl. Gifts enable us to provide essential tools, resources, financial assistance, and outreach to high school ethics bowls across North Carolina. Your investment, regardless of the size, is critical to reaching our goal in high schools nationwide—cultivating the virtues central to democratic citizenship, and preparing students to navigate challenging moral issues in a systematic and open-minded way. Thank you!

To make a gift, click the secure link below or call the Arts and Sciences Foundation at 919/962-0108

Donate to the Parr Center for Ethics, home and headquarters of the North Carolina and National HSEB, safely and securely, and mention the NC HSEB in your note.

Alternatively, you may make a donation by check. To do this, make the check payable to “Parr Center for Ethics” and send it to:

Parr Center for Ethics
CB # 3125, 207 Caldwell Hall
Chapel Hill, NC 27599