The National High School Ethics Bowl (NHSEB) appreciates your support to continue providing the tools, resources, travel stipends, and outreach for high school ethics bowls across the country. Your financial support or in-kind gifts to local bowls and the National competition is critical to reaching our goal—providing ethics and philosophy opportunities to every student in every school.

Competition Shots-20Sponsorship Levels: 

In-kind Contributorcontributions of goods or services

Community Frienda gift minimum of $100.00

Event Sponsora gift minimum of $500.00

Program Sponsora gift minimum of $2,000.00

Ethics Bowl Sustainera minimum gift donation of three years

Founding Sponsora gift minimum or $25,000

All sponsors will have their name and/or logo on all high school ethics bowl promotional materials and website. If you are interested in supporting the ethics bowl or inquiring about other opportunities of support, please contact the Parr Center for Ethics.