UNC IEB Team 2016
The 2016 UNC IEB team at the Nationals in Washington D.C.

The Parr Center for Ethics sponsors the UNC-Chapel Hill Ethics Bowl team that competes in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Ethics Bowl each November at Clemson University.The Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Competition is a part of a larger ethics bowl initiative by the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics.

The UNC-Chapel Hill Ethics Bowl team is comprised of students enrolled in PHIL 261.001: Ethics in Practice. The course provides students with an opportunity to practice applying moral theories and principles of argument that they learn in their ethics classes in the interactive format of the Ethics Bowl.

During the course students will discuss and prepare arguments about several cases. Preparation involves significant research, writing, understanding ethical theories, and oral presentation. The case studies involve ethical issues in practical contexts, including engineering, law, medicine, personal relationships, education, and both domestic and international politics. Specific questions may concern a wide range of ethically salient topics, including but not limited to plagiarism, dating and friendship, gun control, environmental policy, civilian casualties, and globalization.

For information on the UNC-Chapel Hill Ethics Bowl team or how to get involved, contact Sally Moore at Sallybm@live.unc.edu.

The Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl is run by the Association of Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE) at Indiana University. Regional competitions like our Mid-Atlantic Ethics Bowl qualify their winners to participate in the national ethics bowl, which takes place at the APPE Annual Meeting. With some exceptions, regional bowls are expected to use the national bowl’s rules, guidelines, and scoring. 

For more information about the Intercollegiate Ethics bowl, visit appe.indiana.edu/ethics-bowl