Philosophy and Global Studies, 2016

ajeneMy name is Ájené Robinson-Burris. I will be graduating May 2016 with a double major in Philosophy and Global Studies and a minor in Classical Humanities. I chose to major in Philosophy after taking the Mathematical Logic course here. I instantly fell in love with the way we talked about language and how to break down arguments and decided to continue on taking courses in the department. The more classes I took, the more I fell in love with the ways I could use Philosophy to engage with academia. I study ethics primarily now, and chose to do so after working with the Center for Genomics and Society in the MURAP program here at UNC. My research that summer involved looking at the ethics behind the creation of policy to protect indigenous populations like the Havasupai Tribe here in the US. This project opened my eyes to the world of bioethics and I haven’t turned back since. I was also intrigued by taking the Practical Ethics course here and learning all the different ways Philosophy could be applied to real world, relevant issues. After graduation, I will be continuing on at the University of Colorado Boulder for a PhD in Philosophy so I can continue studying bioethics and practical ethics. My advice to potential philosophy majors is to definitely go to the talks and events hosted by the Philosophy department. The events are excellent and they really give you a feel for the vibe the Philosophy department has. I would also say to get involved whatever way you can. One of the easiest ways is to be a volunteer for something like the High School Ethics Bowl hosted here. Getting involved also means taking the time to talk to professors more about class discussions. The faculty here is always more than welcome to discuss class material and really makes students feel like they are an equal in the discussion!

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