Philosophy and Economics, 2015

danielMy name is Daniel Pigeon and I’m a junior philosophy major, with a second major in economics as well as a minor in the philosophy department’s PPE program (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics). After earning an Associates Degree at Durham Technical Community College, I spent a year teaching English in China, plus a few months backpacking in China and Southeast Asia, before transferring to UNC-Chapel Hill. I chose to major in philosophy for no reason other than the fact that I really enjoy studying philosophy. Ethics initially captured my attention, but I have been consistently fascinated with the topics in all of my philosophy courses ever since. Some people question the applicability of philosophy to job skills—and these people have clearly never studied philosophy! Studying philosophy trains your mind to systematically isolate problems and find solutions.  It teaches you to organize and structure your thoughts in logical, unambiguous fashion, which improves communication skills both written and verbal. At the same time, philosophy teaches you to recognize the complexity of the world we live in and to keep an open mind.  It’s difficult to imagine a job that doesnot require these sorts of skills! I’m not sure what my plans are upon graduation, but I am applying to the Peace Corp, a few graduate programs in international development, and for jobs doing development work with non-profits. No matter what, it will definitely involve the use of my philosophy studies and lots more traveling!

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