Biology and Philosophy, 2016

moriah My first course at UNC was a first-year seminar in philosophy. I quickly fell in love with the thoughtfulness of philosophy. Following my first year seminar, I began taking philosophy courses here and there and decided to consider a minor. By the time my sophomore year had finished, I was done with the philosophy minor, but I did not want to stop taking philosophy courses, so I decided to declare a major. I think the discussion-based nature and thoughtfulness of philosophy intrigued me most. When reading philosophical papers, I realized I love how the arguments developed and how I could read a paper presenting one argument and be convinced and then read a paper presenting the opposing argument and be equally convinced. This taught me a valuable lesson about how people can arrive at their varied beliefs and how it was important that I undergird my beliefs with equal thoughtfulness. Philosophy of ethics, specifically bioethics, has interested me the most in my philosophy career.  I am pursuing a career in veterinary medicine, but I also have interests in wildlife conservation.  I was not sure, until recently, how philosophy would connect with my plans. Thankfully, a course on bioethics has helped me to realize that I can incorporate my interests in wildlife conservation with my career in veterinary medicine. I think potential philosophy majors should take advantage of this multifaceted major. There is so much within philosophy that you can focus on (ethics, history of philosophy, philosophy of science, etc.). Even if you do not want to be a philosophy professor, the skill of critical thinking is valuable in every area of your life and every career.

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