sophiaPhilosophy, 2016

My name is Sophia Catanoso and I’m a senior Philosophy major and Music minor at UNC. I took a special interest in philosophy my freshman year at College of Charleston while taking an amazing political thought class. After transferring here and learning about their prestigious philosophy program, I decided to make it my major. I was reassured of this decision after taking Dr. Swartzer’s pre-college philosophy class. I learned how important it is to start philosophy at a young age, and how it can help cognitive development. I especially enjoyed volunteering for the National High School Ethics Bowl because there are so many brilliant high schoolers that have helped make this intimidating subject become more accessible.

After graduation I have plans to move to Minneapolis, Minnesota to work in the food industry, with a focus in sustainability. Although many would claim that this is not directly related to philosophy, I know that I will be using philosophy extensively in my professional life. It has taught me to be a better writer, speaker, decision-maker, and most importantly, a better thinker. I can’t stress enough how grateful I am to have a philosophy degree.

As for other potential philosophy majors, the advice I’d like to give is simple. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Philosophy is by no means an easy subject, and it only gets more difficult if you have a negative attitude. Find what you’re interested in, speak with your professors, and try to focus on enjoying the material rather than getting a certain grade. That’s the best guidance that I can give.

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