Philosophy and Linguistics, 2014

TPendleburyPhotographI have just completed an undergraduate degree with majors in Philosophy and Linguistics at Chapel Hill. I’m not sure what initially attracted me to philosophy, but I suspect that it was the kind of systematic and thoughtful treatment of interesting questions upon which philosophers insist. I now think that these questions are unified in their character as questions that we are constitutionally driven to ask, responses to which may be approached only by a distinctively self-conscious mode of thought. (At least, I feel driven to read about them! – and it seems that many others are too.) I shall next year begin work towards a Ph.D. in Philosophy at Harvard University. I decided to apply to graduate school in the subject because some of the most fulfilling moments of my life have occurred in a Davis Library study carrel, in which reading revealed the connections between ideas that previously seemed miles apart. There are many ways to study philosophy as an undergraduate at Chapel Hill; and students who, like me, prefer reading and listening to talking should not feel overwhelmed or disconcerted. The faculty of the Department welcomes and encourages the participation of all interested students, in the various forms that their participation can take.

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