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Below is a running list of organizations working to advance public and engaged philosophy across the lifespan. Please contact Michael Vazquez for additional recommendations and resources on all things philosophy, ethics, pre-college pedagogy, and lifelong learning.

  1. Middle School Ethics Bowl. Modeled after the National High School Ethics Bowl, the Middle School Ethics Bowl aims to teach students how to think through ethical issues together.
  2. Prindle Institute for Ethics. Institute at DePauw University offering ethics-related teaching and research through a number of innovative K-12 ethics education programs.
  3. NYU Philosophy Forum. Organizes regular philosophy events with engaging speakers and stimulating discussions, annual conferences.
  4. The Philosophy Foundation. The Philosophy Foundation conducts philosophical enquiry in schools, communities, and workplaces.
  5. Hi-Phi Nation. Award-winning show weaving philosophy with narrative storytelling, investigative journalism, and sound design; with useful curricular applications, too.
  6. Teaching Children Philosophy. Over 200 discussion guides designed to help you introduce philosophy and ethics using popular children’s picture books, from philosophy for children pioneer Thomas Wartenberg.
  7. Thinking in Stories: Reviewing Philosophy in Children’s Literature. Reviews of children’s and young adult literature containing philosophical perplexities ripe for inter-generational dialogue.
  8. Ethics Unwrapped. Free educational resources in ethics from the Center for Leadership and Ethics at UT Austin.
  9. Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children (IAPC).  A center at Monclair State University with a host of resources, including subscription information for its journal, Thinking: The Journal of Philosophy for Children.
  10. The Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization (PLATO). A site that includes a wealth of resources for individuals and organizations interested in pre-college philosophy.
  11. The Squire Family Foundation. An organization dedicated to introducing philosophy to pre-college students and supporting initiatives that do so.
  12. Philosophy for Kids. A site that demonstrates how to use short stories to discus philosophy with children.
  13. P4c.Com. A site that provides many resources for teaching pre-college philosophy including sample lessons, tips to incorporate philosophy into your curriculum, and ways check students’ progression. Some resources on this site are free while others require a subscription fee.
  14. University of Washington Center for Philosophy for Children. Leading institution in both research and practice in philosophy for children and philosophy of childhood.
  15. Public Philosophy Network. This site is a forum for people that are passionate about philosophy. It is divided into groups based on areas of interest to help connect users with other philosophers.
  16. Questions: Philosophy for Young People. Questions publishes the work of K-12 students interested in philosophical issues, including stories, essays, poems, photographs, and drawings. The journal also publishes articles by scholars and teachers, including lesson plans (which can contain descriptions/transcriptions of student responses), redefined or modified classic thought experiments, transcripts of philosophy discussions, book reviews, and more.
  17. Wi-Phi Philosophy. Wi-Phi’s mission is to introduce the public to the practice of philosophy through free, entertaining, and accessible videos featuring experts from around the world.
  18. Center for Public Philosophy at UC Santa Cruz. Public Philosophy initiative engaging folks across the lifespan, including P4Y and Philosophy in Prisons.
  19. p4c Hawai‘i. an innovative approach to education that is transforming the schooling experience by engaging people in the activity of philosophy.
  20. Penn’s Project for Philosophy for the Young. Outreach program housed at the Philosophy Department of the University of Pennsylvania, with public resources available on their website.
  21. Public Philosophical Writing. advice from philosopher Carrie Jenkins.
  22. A2ethics. Ann Arbor nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting ethics and philosophy initiatives through events, education and civic partnerships in local communities
  23. Justice in Schools Project. Harvard Graduate School of Education initiative that uses normative case studies to scrutinize the ethical dimensions of educational practice.
  24. ThinkerAnalytix. Educational nonprofit that partners with the Harvard Department of Philosophy to help students develop logical reasoning skills, using a research-backed method called argument mapping.
  25. Right Question Institute. Program offering a simple, powerful pedagogical strategy that builds people’s skills to ask better questions and to improve democratic institutions.
  26. Engaged Philosophical Inquiry Consortium. Vancouver P4C network.
  27. North American Association for the Community of Inquiry. P4C association hosting regular conferences and home to the journal Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis.