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Ethical Dilemma Video Series

The Parr Center for Ethics and TED-Ed are jointly producing a co-branded ethical dilemma video series, drawing on UNC Philosophy’s world-class expertise in ethics and the Parr Center’s commitment to nourishing and fostering ethical reflection across the lifespan. The aim of the series is to provide the public with an ethical “toolkit” via a collection of engaging videos on fundamental ethical concepts, distinctions, and methods. Each video is accompanied by a set of pedagogical resources that enable further reflection and curricular integration. Check out our video library below!





Publicly Available Videos


What should you believe? (with Alex Worsnip)


You can only save one—who do you choose? (with Doug MacKay)


Would you lie? (with Sarah Stroud)


Whose life is more valuable? (with Rebecca Walker)


What makes life worth living? (with Douglas MacLean)


When is anger justified? (with Delaney Thull)

Would you use a machine that predicts your future? (with Thomas Hofweber)


Coming Soon

Must we keep promises to the dead?
Should we vote for a social credit system?
What are the limits of intellectual property?
How much does morality demand from me?


Michael Vasquez
Let us know how you are incorporating these lessons into your classroom or discussion group, or reach out for suggestions on how to do so!

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