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Undergraduate Programs

Become a Parr Heel in 2023-24! The Parr Center offers structured programming for UNC undergraduates from all fields of study who are interested in or curious about ethics.

Parr Heels benefit from:

  • Engaging with the Parr Center public lecture series
  • Attending dedicated Parr Heels talks with ethics researchers in our Carolina community
  • Assisting with the National High School Ethics Bowl
  • Forming real friendships and networking through a suite of Parr Heel social events
  • Accessing the Parr Center Ethics Scholar Program, a more intensive level of involvement with the Parr Center that results in an official transcript designation

First or second year student?  Click here to apply to be an Ethics Recruit!

Click here to apply for the Parr Center Ethics Scholar transcript designation program.

Applications close September 7, 2023.



Questions? Email our Director of Undergraduate Programming.