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Parr Center Ethics Fellow Program

The Parr Center offers this program for 50 students who have demonstrated proficiency and interest in the field of ethics through a competitive application and interview process. Ethics Fellows work in teams of 6-9 students throughout the year on projects of ethical concern. This year’s application, a complete outline of requirements, previous projects, and FAQs are listed below.

Questions? Email our Director of Undergraduate Programming, Sally Moore, at


2021 – 2022 Projects

Bioethics Society: A UNC student organization that considers issues relating to Bioethics.

Chapel Phil Podcast: A student-run podcast that explores a range of philosophical and ethical concepts.

Environmental Ethics: This group of students will design a project related to environmental ethics and specifically sustainability.

Ethics from My Seat (Formally “Carolina Forum for Ethics”): A UNC student organization that considers a range of ethical topics in a discussion format.

National High School Ethics Bowl (NHSEB): Students assist in planning and implementing NHSEB programs and competitions.

Parr Heel Blog: A student-run blog that explores a range of ethical concepts.

Parr-tisan Ethics: This group of students will design a project related to political ethics and specifically civic dialogue.


Students self-select which project they would like to work on for the year. Fellows may choose only one project to pursue annually. Each group is lead by two Executive Board Members who are returning Fellows.

Group Meeting: Groups must meet weekly to discuss updates, progress, and issues with their project. Fellows decide the day and time for their meetings.

Project Work: Fellows must complete at least ~1 hour of work on their project outside of their weekly meeting. Work may be completed with others or as a solo activity.

Fellows are required to attend two Parr Heel Talks each month. At these events, Fellows provide updates on their projects and learn about cutting-edge research conducted by invited ethicists. Fellows determine the Parr Heel Talks schedule at the beginning of each semester.


Induction Ceremony: At the ceremony, the Parr Center welcomes new and returning Fellows to our community. 

Full-day Orientation: Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the rules, requirements, and expectations of the Parr Center Ethics Fellow program. Additionally, students get to know each other and begin mapping out their project goals. 


Fellow Mixer: In Mid-March, undergraduate and graduate Fellows come together for a special lecture followed by a game night!

End of the Year Celebration & Poster Show: During the last week of classes in the Spring, Fellows partake in a celebratory event to send off graduating seniors and international students who are returning to their home institutions. Following the celebration, Fellows host a public poster show to showcase the projects they completed during the academic year.

The Parr Center for Ethics hosts 16+ public lectures each academic year. Lectures include the lunchtime Ethics Around the Table series and evening events such as Parr Center PresentsParr | Bioethics Joint Lectures, and the Parr Center Forum. In addition, fellows must attend at least two Parr Center public lectures events each semester. To see our upcoming events visit our events calendar!

The Parr Center for Ethics is the home of the National High School Ethics Bowl. Each Spring semester, the Parr Center hosts the North Carolina Regional competition and the National competition. All Fellows train to moderate competition rounds, serve as help points for visitors, and provide general assistance during the matches. In addition, each Fellow must moderate or provide general volunteer support during both the one-day Regional competition and the weekend-long National competition.

Each Fall, Fellows self-divide into small groups (6-9 students) to work on year-long ethics projects. Each link below showcases work from a specific group for the indicated year. Projects vary from year to year, depending on the interests of our Fellows.

Absolutely not! There are no requirements or expectations for students to be studying Philosophy. We believe that ethics is everywhere and affects everyone’s lives and lines of study. To this end, we strongly encourage students from all disciplines, backgrounds, and walks of life to apply to our programs.
Those who are admitted as Fellows will serve for one year under their current standing. If students would like to return for the following years, they must complete a Returning Fellow Application to recommit their time and energy to the Ethics Fellows program for the following year.
Fellows have access to world-renowned ethicists, have a space to process and explore their stances on ethical issues, can enjoy free coffee from our Keurig machine, and are welcomed into a community of students, staff, and faculty who are invested in nourishing and fostering ethical discussion.


The Ethics Fellow program is designed to require 2 hours of your time each week consistently. We do not require students to create a work schedule or sign up for work times. Some weeks will be more intensive if you also decide to attend a Parr Center Lecture or we have a mandatory event or meeting. But, for most weeks, we ask for 2 hours.


Yes! We are flexible and want you to make the most out of your Carolina experience.


Absolutely! We value varying perspectives and experiences and will work with you to make sure the Ethics Fellow program fits within your new schedule.


Fellows are highly encouraged to work towards obtaining the Parr Center Ethics Scholar transcript designation. Though, if you are not interested, that is fine too!


Additional questions? Email our Director of Undergraduate Programming, Sally Moore!


Questions? Email our Director of Undergraduate Programming, Sally Moore.