Become a Graduate Fellow!

Parr Center Graduate Fellows

  • manage a dedicated pool of money reserved for collective activities of their choosing
    • they might choose, e.g., simply to dine together and discuss work several times per year; to conduct one or more reading groups for Graduate Fellows; to organize a small conference or invite a series of speakers
  • have priority for invitations to dine with the Parr Center’s invited lecturers
  • have priority for invitations to present work at conferences organized by the Parr Center
  • will have priority for any new lines of Parr Center programming in which graduate students could take a leading role (such as leading reading groups)

We Expect Graduate Fellows

  • to attend at least three Parr Center talks (headliner lectures by outside speakers or Ethics Around the Table lunch sessions) per semester
  • to attend a small number of mixers and other joint events for Parr Center Undergraduate and Graduate Fellows (1-2 per semester)
  • to help with the North Carolina and National High School Ethics Bowls, to be held respectively January 25 and April 18-19, 2020
  • to participate in whatever collective activities are chosen by the Graduate Fellows

If you are interested in becoming a 2019-2020 Graduate Fellow, please fill out THIS form.


2018-2019 Graduate Fellows

NameAffiliationResearch Interest
Karl AdamDepartment of PhilosophyEthics
Brielle BalanceDepartment of PhilosophyEthics
Chris Blake-TurnerDepartment of PhilosophyEpistemology, Ethics
Alex CampbellDepartment of PhilosophyEthics, Political Philosophy
Kara BoschertDepartment of PhilosophyApplied Ethics, Normativity, Philosophy of Mind, Value Theory
Izzy BrassfieldDepartment of PhilosophyEthics
Ian CruiseDepartment of PhilosophyMetaethics, Moral Theory
Bryan DouganDepartment of AnthropologyAnthropology, Ethics, Global Health, Post-Colonial Psychiatry
Matthew HernandezDepartment of PhilosophyEthics, Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Gender, Philosophy of Race
Minji JangDepartment of PhilosophyEthics, Moral Psychology, Social Philosophy
Audra JensonDepartment of PhilosophyEpistemology, Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy
Daniel KokotajloDepartment of PhilosophyApplied Ethics, Formal Epistemology, Ethics, Philosophy Politics & Economics
Pavel NitchovskiDepartment of PhilosophyEthics, Moral Psychology
Mark OrtizDepartment of GeographyClimate Politics, Critical Development Studies, Environmental Humanities, Political Ecology
Michael PrinzingDepartment of PhilosophyEthics, Metaethics, Philosophy of Language, Political Philosophy
Z QuanbeckDepartment of PhilosophyEthics, Epistemology
Keshav SinghDepartment of PhilosophyEpistemology, Ethics, Philosophy of Action
Samuel SchmittDepartment of Political SciencePolitical Theory; Politics and Religion; Thomas Hobbes; Citizenship; Political Economy
Matthew YoungDepartment of Political ScienceEthics of Discourse and Communication, Law and Legal Theory, Virtue Ethics

Graduate Fellows from Farther Back

NameAffiliation Research Interest
Joshua BlanchardDepartment of PhilosophyEpistemology, Metaethics, Moral Theory, Philosophy of Religion
Caleb Harrison Department of PhilosophyApplied Ethics, Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of the Mind, Social and Political Philosophy
Rick LageDepartment of EducationPublic Education System
Joanna LawsonDepartment of PhilosophyMetaphysics and Epistemology
Joshua P. MillerDepartment of Political ScienceClassical Political Thought, Critical Theory , Democratic Theory
Joshua Olsen School of Information and Library Science Ethical constraints of confidence thresholds in Bayesian statistics
Lauren TownsendDepartment of PhilosophyEthics of Emotions