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Parr Center Undergraduate Fellows

Screenshot of 2020-2021 Undergrad Fellow Cohort over zoom. All are dressed nicely and smiling at their camera.

Click here to meet our 2020 – 2021 Cohort!

The Parr Center Undergraduate Fellowship is a selective co-curricular program for which students are chosen on the basis of a written application and a personal interview with Parr Center staff. Criteria for selection are the student’s interest in deepening their ethical competencies through co-curricular enhancement and their likely contribution to team-based and project-based ethical learning.

Fellows are expected to participate in all required Fellowship activities. The Fellowship kicks off each year with a full-day orientation/retreat with Parr Center staff, at which Senior Fellows lead group activities. Fellows meet regularly as a body throughout the academic year to hear and discuss Fellow-focused lectures in which scholars from across UNC present current research in ethics specifically to the Fellows. In addition, Fellows are required to attend a number of the Parr Center’s public lectures each year. After training with Parr Center staff, Undergraduate Fellows serve as moderators at the North Carolina and National High School Ethics Bowls competitions, which are held on our campus each year. Finally, Senior Fellows pursue team-based projects in ethics at the Parr Center throughout the academic year. They spend at least two hours per week working with their teams and are supervised closely by Parr Center staff.

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Questions? Email our Director of Undergraduate Programming, Sally Moore.