Several times each semester, The Parr Center for Ethics hosts an hourlong lunchtime discussion featuring a faculty member or practitioner speaking about an ethical issue related to their work. At a typical EAT event, our guest speaker will talk for 30-40 minutes and then the audience will ask questions for the remainder of the hour, though other formats are possible too. Recent topics of discussion include ethical questions about artificial intelligence, college athletics, environmental policy, health care policy, mass incarceration, political protest, and voting rights.

The EAT series is free and open to the public, and we provide lunch for all registered attendees. See our schedule for the next event in this series.


Steven Swartzer, “Should Criminals Have the Right to Vote”

Ethics Around the Table Series Archive

Fall 2015

September 22 | Amina White, “Does No Really Mean No in Trauma-informed Medical Care?”

October 22 | Marcia Van Riper

November 17 | Deborah Gerhardt

Spring 2016

January 21 | Barry Maguire

February 16 | Michael Christian

March 29 | Pete Andrews

Fall 2014

October 1 | Steve Swartzer,¬†“Should Criminals Have the Right to Vote?”

October 14 |¬†Johnathan Anomaly, “Why We Should Legalize All Recreational Drugs”

Spring 2015

February 19 | David Schmidtz, “The Pretense of Consent”

March 17 | Kurt Gray,¬†“Mind Perception and Morality”

March 26 | Ann Cudd, “What is Equality in Higher Education?”

April 1 | Benjamin Meier, “Realizing the International Human Right to Health through U.S. Health Care Policy”

April 14 | Deborah Weissman, “The Moral and Legal Principles of the Right to an Apology” | For more information visit, NC Stop Torture Now

April 29 | Kim Strom-Gottfried, “Am I My Colleague’s Keeper?”