The Parr Center plays an active role in sponsoring ethics bowls at both the collegiate and high school levels.

ethics bowlEthics Bowl is a competition in which students gather to discuss ethical issues and compete in offering arguments for the positions they take. The competitors are judged on their ability to offer articulate, well-informed, and reasonable arguments. Teams participate in multiple rounds of head-to-head competition. Panels of three judges— university faculty, graduate students, and other members of the community—score the rounds while a moderator manages the event.

The Parr Center annually hosts and organizes the North Carolina High School Ethics Bowl. High Schools from Wake, Johnston, Durham, Orange, Alamance, and Mecklenburg counties send teams to compete in this one-day event. The Center also sponsors the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Team at the University of North Carolina. The UNC Ethics Bowl competes annually at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition.

The Parr Center is the sponsor and governing body of the National High School Ethics Bowl (NHSEB). The NHSEB refers to both the national movement of high schools to organize ethics bowls as well as the championship event.

Visit High School Ethics Bowls or the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl, to learn more about these events.