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Absolutely not! There is no requirement or expectation for students to be studying Philosophy. We believe ethics is everywhere and affects everyone’s lives. To this end, we strongly encourage students from all disciplines, backgrounds, and walks of life to apply to our programs. 
The Ethics Scholar program requires two years of intensive involvement as a Parr Center Fellow. Fellows are admitted for one year and must then complete a Returning Scholar Application to recommit their time and energy to the Ethics Scholar program for the following year. After two years as a Fellow, students may continue to participate in the Parr Heels community as an Ethics Mentor.
Yes, all undergraduates affiliated with the Parr Center are Parr Heels! We just sort the Parr Heels into those involved in the core Parr Heels community and those who have chosen a more intensive involvement. The first group are called “Ethics Recruits.” Those in the second group, who have committed to working toward the Ethics Scholar transcript designation over two years, are called “Parr Center Fellows” or “Ethics Scholars.” And the most senior of our Parr Heels community are the “Ethics Mentors”!
Scholars have access to world-renowned ethicists, free coffee and tea in our office, a secluded study space in Caldwell Hall, and a welcoming community of intellectually curious peers, all the while deepening and sharpening their moral reasoning skills. Upon completion of all program requirements, they are awarded the Parr Center Ethics Scholar transcript designation at graduation! Please reach out to our Director of Undergraduate Programming if you would like to discuss the benefits with a current Scholar.
All Parr Heels spend a minimum of about 30 hours per year at the Parr Center. This is the time required to attend at least two Parr Center public lectures and all of the biweekly Parr Heel Talks, as well as participating in social and recruiting events. That works out to an average of about an hour per week.

Ethics Fellows who are working toward the Scholar designation spend an additional 2-2.5 hours per week on their team project work. For the project work, we provide weeks “off” near Fall Break and Spring Break, and we do not ask students to work during finals in either semester. Scholar requirements total around 80-85 hours annually for each of the required two years.

Due to increased student demand and our efforts to grow the Ethics Scholar program, we ask that Scholars study at UNC-CH for both the Fall and the Spring. Unfortunately, we do not have a comparable hybrid or fully remote option.
Absolutely! We value varying perspectives and experiences and will work with you to ensure the Ethics Scholar program fits your schedule.
Due to increased student demand and our efforts to grow the Ethics Scholar program, preference for admission as a Fellow is given to students who intend to earn the Parr Center Ethics Scholar transcript designation.
Additional questions? Email our Director of Undergraduate Programming, Vanessa Moore.