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Our Team


Sarah Stroud, Ph.D.
Director, Parr Center for Ethics
Professor of Philosophy
207D Caldwell Hall
(919) 962-3317

Sarah Stroud joined the Department of Philosophy and the Parr Center in 2018. She was previously Professor of Philosophy at McGill University, where she taught from 1993 to 2018. She holds degrees from Harvard (A.B.) and Princeton (Ph.D.). She works across central areas of moral philosophy, with a particular focus on foundational issues in moral psychology and moral theory and on the intersection of such issues with metaethics and the philosophy of action. She has published papers on such topics as partiality, moral demandingness and overridingness, lying and testimony, practical irrationality, and the moral implications and significance of personal relationships. She co-edited Weakness of Will and Practical Irrationality (OUP, 2003) and the International Encyclopedia of Ethics (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013).



Michael Vazquez, Ph.D.
Director, Outreach
Teaching Assistant Professor of Philosophy
207A Caldwell Hall
(919) 962-3326
Personal Website →

Michael Vazquez received his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2020 and completed the post-baccalaureate program in Classical Studies at the University of Pennsylvania in 2015. He is an advocate for publicly engaged philosophy and interdisciplinary collaboration. He works with campus and community partners to promote philosophical and humanistic reflection in K-12 schools, community colleges, libraries, prisons, museums, professional organizations, retirement communities, and more. He is also involved in a number of research projects aimed at assessing the impact of philosophy on the cultivation of intellectual and moral virtues in learners across the lifespan. You can find a copy of his CV and learn more about his community engagement efforts on his personal website.



Vanessa Moore, M.Ed.
Director, Undergraduate Programming
207H Caldwell Hall
(919) 843-5641

Vanessa Moore’s professional background is in education, and she has experience creating meaningful programming, teaching, and working with young people of all ages. Most recently, she provided immigration support and enjoyed exploring Chapel Hill with international students and scholars at UNC’s ISSS office. Vanessa received her B.A. in American Studies and French Studies from Colby College, and her M.Ed. in Higher Education from Harvard University. She is excited to work with undergraduates and help them engage with ethical concepts, ideas and concerns at the Parr Center.



Emily Krumberger, M.Ed.
Administrative and Communications Coordinator
207 Caldwell Hall (Lobby)
(919) 843-5641

Emily Krumberger (she/they) is an audio producer, educator, and creative who has a background in community media, youth work, and podcasting. Emily received her Master’s in Education from the University of Minnesota’s Youth Development Leadership program. Her field study focused on radio as a public space for youth leadership, civic dialogue, and governance. In 2018 she helped found, and later directed, the nonprofit Listen Up Youth Radio. Emily oversees the Parr Center’s administrative, communications, and financial functions, as well as managing the Parr Center’s physical space.



Michael Prinzing, Ph.D.
Consulting Research Scientist
Personal Website →

Michael Prinzing is a philosopher and scientist who studies human flourishing. That is, his research integrates empirical and philosophical methods, with the aim of better understanding what it means to be well and live a good life. Michael received his PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2022 and is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at Baylor University. Along with others at the Parr Center, Michael is organizing a quasi-experimental study to investigate how philosophy outreach programs might promote intellectual and civic virtues.





Student Staffers


Will Kanwischer, M.A.
Graduate Assistant, 2023-2024
210A Caldwell Hall

William (Will) Kanwischer is a Ph.D. student in the Philosophy Department at UNC Chapel Hill and the Graduate Assistant at the Parr Center for Ethics. Will’s primary philosophical interests are in ethics and the history of philosophy. Recently, his work has focused on the possibility of moral obligations to dead people. At the Parr Center, Will assists with the National High School Ethics Bowl program and serves as project lead for the NHSEBBridge initiative, which seeks to bring public philosophy to under-resourced schools in North Carolina and around the United States.



Aurora Yu

Aurora Yu, M.A.
Intergenerational Outreach Fellow, 2023-2024

107D Caldwell Hall


Aurora Yu is a fourth-year graduate student in the Philosophy Department with interests primarily in Early Modern Philosophy, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Moral Theory, and 20th century Continental Philosophy. She is charged with planning, overseeing, and helping to deliver Intergenerational Colloquia Series for older adults in the Chapel Hill area.



Dashiell Shulman
K-12 Schools Outreach Fellow, 2023-2024

205 Caldwell Hall


Dashiell (Dash) Shulman is a first-year Ph.D. student in Philosophy. As the K-12 Schools Outreach Fellow, Dash will oversee and implement a number of grant-funded programs centered on promoting ethical reflection among middle and high school students.



Aditi Duttachowdhury
Undergraduate Assistant, Parr Heel Programs, 2023-2024


Aditi Duttachowdhury is a junior studying Public Policy and Political Science with a minor in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. She has been the Undergraduate Assistant for Parr Heels Programs since 2022 and she helps plan and coordinate events as well as handle administrative tasks. Outside of the Parr Center, Aditi is on the Mock Trial team and also in the Policy Students’ Association.




Samara Galo
Media and Communications Intern, 2023-2024


Samara Galo serves as the Media and Communications Intern, working across the Center’s web and social media presence, promoting events, and supporting all the Center’s programs with communications and marketing tasks. Samara is a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in Philosophy and Psychology with primary interests in ethics, metaphysics, and clinical psychology.



Lorelai Sykes
Sound Editor, Chapel Phil Podcast, 2023-2024


Lorelai Sykes is a UNC senior majoring in Journalism and Global Studies with a minor in Arabic. Lorelai has worked on the Chapel Phil podcast as a producer and a co-executive for three years and loves every minute of making philosophical and ethical conversations accessible for everyone. In the past, she has worked with NPR’s Next Generation Radio and UNC’s student radio show, Carolina Connection.


Heidi Segars
Undergraduate Assistant for Program Assessment & Evaluation Fellow


Heidi is a junior from Raleigh, NC studying Neuroscience and Psychology with a minor in Education. As an Ethics Fellow in the EthicsEd pod, she is passionate about incorporating ethical conversations into various educational spaces. She is excited to combine her interests in psychology research and ethics outreach to assess the efficacy of Parr Center programming, both on and off campus.