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Faculty Fellows


The Parr Center Faculty Fellows are committed to teaching about and promoting the discussion of ethical theory and issues. Fellows conduct research, and/or teach ethics in their respective fields and participate in various ways in Parr Center events. You can find more information on becoming a Faculty Fellow here.


NameAffiliation Research Interest
Howard AldrichDepartment of SociologyEvolutionary Social Science; Entrepreneurship; Organizations, Occupations, and Work; Economic Sociology; Inequality
Denise AnthonySchool of Information and Library Science Archives and historical collections
Stephen ArbogastKenan-Flagler Energy CenterInternational Finance, Project Finance, Business Ethics and the Business of Energy
A. Fleming BellSchool of GovernmentEthics & Criminal Justice; Crime Fear; Criminal Law; Levels of Incarceration; Juvenile Delinquency
Judith R. BlauDepartment of Sociology Human Rights
Lois BoyntonSchool of journalism and Mass CommunicationEthical decision-making; Professionalism; Social Responsibility; Agenda Building; Persuasion
Molly BroadSchool of Government Leadership; Strategic Planning; Economic Development
Lissa BroomeSchool of Law Banking Law; Commercial Law; Contracts; Corporate Board Diversity
Mara BuchbinderDepartment of Anthropology
Department of Social Medicine
Medicine; Bioethics; Medical Anthropology; Law; Patient-Provider Relationship
Giselle Corbie-SmithDepartment of Social MedicinePractical and Ethical Issues Regarding Involvement of Minorities in Research
Arlene DavisDepartment of Social MedicineClinical Ethics; Research Ethics; Health Law
Sreedhari DesaiKenan-Flagler Business SchoolOrganizational Behavior, Ethical Decision Making, Fairness and Gender Diversity
David DillDepartment of Public PolicyAcademic Reseach Policy; Norms and Values on Academic Conduct; Ethical Dimensions of Teaching; Academic Culture of Universities; Market Forces
Michael FernDepartment of Computer ScienceDecision-making; new product development; entrepreneurship
Jill FisherDepartment of Social MedicinePharmaceutical Industry; Clinical Trials; Political Economy; Healthcare; Social Inequalities; Research Ethics
Gary GalaDepartment of PsychiatryPhilosophical issues in Psychiatry; Philosophy of Mind
Deborah GerhardtSchool of Law Art Law; Copyright Law; Intellectual Property; Media Law; Plagiarism
Amelia Gibson School of Information and Library Science Communities and health-related information behavior, information worlds, information needs and practices of individuals with developmental disabilities, information policy
Hannah GillCenter for Global InitiativesSocial Anthropology; Latin American Migration
Suzanne GulledgeSchool of EducationTeacher Professional Development; Social Foundations; Teaching Ethics; Social Studies Education
Richard HarrillCampus YYouth Service; Civic Engagement
Carol HeeKenan-Flagler Business SchoolSustainable Enterprise; Environmental Strategy
Gail HendersonDepartment of Social MedicineGlobal Health Inequality; Research Ethics
Thomas HillDepartment of PhilosophyEthics; History of Ethics; Political Philosophy
David A. HofmannKenan-Flagler Business SchoolLeadership, Organizational Culture, Safety Culture, Healthcare
Terrence HoltDepartment of Social MedicineMedicine and Literature; Medical Autobiography
Norma HoustonSchool of Government Emergency Management Law; Public Contract Law; Property Disposal
Eric JuengstCenter for Bioethics
Department of Social Medicine
Bioethics; Genetics; Biotechnology
Joseph E. KennedySchool of LawEthics and Criminal justice; Crime Fear; Levels of Incarceration; Juvenile Delinquency
Laurie LangbauerEnglish & Comparative LiteratureChildren in Literature; Ethics in Literature
Marc LangeDepartment of PhilosophyPhilosophy of Science; Metaphysics; Epistemology
Douglas LongDepartment of PhilosophyBioethics; Philsophy of the Mind; Free Will
Deborah LoveCenter for BioethicsBioethics; Health Care Ethics
Christian LundbergDepartment of Communication StudiesPublic Discourse; Rhetorical Theory; Cultural Studies
Anne LyerlyDepartment of Social MedicineWomen’s Health; Reproductive Medicine; Bioethics; Health Policy
Douglas MacLeanDepartment of PhilosophyPractical Ethics; Moral and Political Theory; Issues in Environmental Ethics
Timothy MarrDepartment of American StudiesIslam; American Views of Islam; Birth and Death; Cultural Memory
Steven MayDepartment of Communication StudiesOrganizational Ethics; Corporate Social Responsibility
John McGowanEnglish & Comparative Literature
Institute for the Arts and Humanities
Theory and Practice of Representation in Victorian Literature; Philosophical Antecedents to Contemporary Theory; Shifting Roles of the Intellectual
Kevin T. McGuireDepartment of Political ScienceU.S. Supreme Court; American Constitutional Law
Benjamin Mason MeierDepartment of Public PolicyInternational Law; Public Policy; Global Health; Human Rights; Global Health Governance
Raúl Necochea Department of Social Medicine History of Medicine and Science; Global Health; Sexual and Reproductive Health; Latin America; Science and Technology Studies
Alan NelsonDepartment of PhilosophyModern Philosophy
Dan NelsonDepartment of Social Medicine Research Ethics; Human Research Protections
Cathy PackerSchool of Journalism and Mass CommunicationMedia law; Internet Law; Access to Government Information; Reporter’s Privilege Law
Susan Harbage PageDepartment of Women's and Gender Studies Photography and Site-Specific Installation on Immigration, Race, Gender, and Nation.
Ellen R. Peirce Kenan-Flagler Business SchoolStrategy; Entrepreneurship; Discrimination in the Workplace; Ethics in Corporate Governance; Workplace Management
Gerald PostemaDepartment of Philosophy
School of Law
Ethics; Philosophy of Law; Politics; Professional Responsibility
Peter RedfieldDepartment of Anthropology Anthropology of Science; Technology and Medicine; Humanitarianism and Human Rights; Colonial History; Ethics, Nongovernmental Organizations and Transnational Experts; Global Knowledge
C.D.C ReeveDepartment of Philosophy Ancient Greek Philosophy
Stuart RennieDepartment of Social MedicineBioethics; Research Ethics; Public Health Ethics; Medical Ethics in the Developing World
Thomas RickettsDepartment of Social MedicineRural Healthcare; Primary Care; Regionalization of Services; Political Philosphy; Policy Implementation and Development; Global and Comparative National Health Policies
Michele Rivkin-FishDepartment of AnthropologyHealth and Gender in Russia; Moral Economies of Medicine and Health in the United States
Barry RobertsKenan-Flagler Business SchoolEntrepreneurship; Venture Financing; Ethics and Commercial; Consumer Law
Myra RocheCenter for Genomics & SocietyGenetic Counseling; Families Understanding of Genetic Information; Ethical Issues Arising from Genomic Testing
Steven Rosefielde Department of EconomicsEconomic Systems of Continental Europe, America, Japan, Russia, China, and Korea
Barbra RothschildCenter for Genomics & SocietyHuman Subjects; Research Ethics; Community Engagement
Geoff Sayre-McCordDepartment of Philosophy
Philosophy, Politics, & Economics
Metaethics, Moral Theory, History of Philosophy (especially Hume and Smith), Epistemology
Richard SaverSchool of LawCorporate Law; Health Law; Non-Profit Organizations Law; Products Liability
Sohini SenguptaCenter for Health Promotion and Disease PreventionHIV/AIDS; Domestic Violence; Stigma; Research and Clinical ethics; Health Disparities
Betsy SleathSchool of PharmacyProvider-Patient Communication
Mi-Kyung SongSchool of NursingBioethics; End of Life Communication; Treatment Decision Making; Surrogate Decision Making; Integration of Palliative Care
Jeff Spinner-HalevDepartment of Political ScienceContemporary Liberal and Democratic Theory; Citizenship; Diversity; Minorities
Niklaus Andreas SteinerCenter for Global InitiativesImmigration; Refugees; Nationalism; Citizenship
John StephensDepartment of Political ScienceComparative Politics; Political Economy; European Politics; Political Economy of Advanced Industrial Societies
Kim Strom-GottfriedSchool of Social WorkAcademic Leadership; Professional Ethics; Social Work Education; Bereavement
Randall StyersDepartment of Religious Studies Religion in Modern Western Culture; Cultural History of the Study of Religion; Religion and Gender; Religion in American Law and Politics; Critical Social Theory
James ThomasDepartment of EpidemiologyPublic health Ethics; Affect of Social Forces on Distribution of STDs
Marcia Van RiperSchool of Nursing
Center for Genomics & Society
Bioethics; Children's Health; Genetics
Rebecca Walker Department of Social Medicine
Department of Philosophy
Practical Virtue Ethics; Concepts of Autonomy; Bioethics; Ethics of How We Treat Non-Human Animals; Allocation of Healthcare Resources
Judith WegnerSchool of Law Higher Education; Land Use; Legal Education; Legislation; Local Government; Property Law, State and Local Government Law
Amina WhiteDepartment of Obstetrics & Gynecology, UNC School of Medicine Bioethics, Trauma-informed Practices, Patient-physician Communication; Patient Activation and Engagement of Disadvantaged or Marginalized Groups, Participation of Pregnant Women in Clinical Trials
Barbara WildemuthSchool of Information & Library ScienceInformation Seeking Behaviors; Information Use, Design and Evaluation of Information Systems; Adoption and Use of Information
Rachel A. Willis Department of American StudiesFactors Affecting Access to Work in the American Economy
Louise WinstanlyGillings School of Global Public Health; Center for Bioethics
Erica WiseDepartment of PsychologyEthical and Legal Issues in the Provision of Psychological Services; Assessment of Outcomes in Psychotherapy
Susan WolfDepartment of Philosophy Moral Psychology; Value Theory; Normative Ethics