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Apply to be a Graduate Fellow!

Parr Center Graduate Fellows

  • manage a dedicated pool of money reserved for collective activities of their choosing
    • they might choose, e.g., simply to dine together and discuss work several times per year; to conduct one or more reading groups for Graduate Fellows; to organize a small conference or invite a series of speakers
  • have priority for invitations to dine with the Parr Center’s invited lecturers
  • have priority for invitations to present work at conferences organized by the Parr Center
  • will have priority for any new lines of Parr Center programming in which graduate students could take a leading role (such as leading reading groups)

We Expect Graduate Fellows

  • to attend at least three Parr Center talks (headliner lectures by outside speakers or Ethics Around the Table lunch sessions) per semester
  • to attend a small number of mixers and other joint events for Parr Center Undergraduate and Graduate Fellows (1-2 per semester)
  • to help with the North Carolina and National High School Ethics Bowls, to be held respectively January 25 and April 18-19, 2020
  • to participate in whatever collective activities are chosen by the Graduate Fellows

Where can I apply?

If you are interested in becoming a 2019-2020 Graduate Fellow, please fill out this form.

The application portal will close Tuesday 9/10 @ 11:59PM.