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Pumpkin Carving Contest

Given the theme “Ghastly”, each Undergraduate Fellow team was tasked in carving a pumpkin they believe most embodied this word. The Philosophy department voted and the top three pumpkins were announced! Congratulations to all participants!

1st Place: Debt Devil by the Blogging Pod

Judges Commentary

  • “Witty and sadly realistic”
  • “Best at identifying genuinely scary thing!”
  • “The sheer artistic prowess of the carvers really shines through and reflects the fears of the undergraduate population”

2nd Place: Parable of Sisyphus by the NHSEB Pod

Judges Commentary:

  • “Most on theme — what could be more ghastly than that sort of unending existential pointlessness?!”
  • “Best technique, most interesting theme choice, most artistic.”
  • “This pumpkin evokes the deepest existential anxiety and thereby has the most ghastly effect.”

3rd Place: Ghastly Draft Pick by the Programming Pod

Judges Commentary:

  • “Theme-Zion Williamson is overrated as a player.”
  • “Most authentic! More specific than Duke and more original than ‘Student Loans'”