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A Message on Recent Events at Carolina

Dear Parr Heels and Graduate Fellows, 


We hope this finds you safe and doing as well as possible in the midst of an extremely difficult situation. We’re all still reeling from yesterday’s violent events on campus, and struggling to understand exactly what happened and why. Such a breach of your sense of security on the campus where you live and work is an injustice that we’ll likely be grappling with for some time. 


As details continue to emerge in the coming days, we hope you’ll take some time, and make taking care of yourselves a first priority. Our space at the Parr Center, and each of our doors, personally, will remain open to you for any and all support you may want or need in the wake of these events. Each and every one of you is a deeply valued member of our community, and caring for you is our top priority as a staff. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with any of the three of us if there are ways (even non-obvious ones) we can support you. 


We also encourage you to avail yourselves of any and all of the resources the university is making available. As you’ve likely already seen through various campus channels: 


Counseling and Psychological Services are available to any students who need to speak with a mental health provider. CAPS can be reached via 919-966-3658 or 


There is in-person student counseling support in these three locations Tuesday from 9AM to 5PM: 

  • Carolina Union, Room 2420 
  • SASB North, Room 1118 
  • Campus Health 



Sincerely yours, 


Alex Richardson, Ph.D.
Director, National High School Ethics Bowl
UNC Parr Center for Ethics


Michael Vazquez, Ph.D.
Director, Outreach
UNC Parr Center for Ethics


Vanessa Moore, M.Ed.
Director, Undergraduate Programming
UNC Parr Center for Ethics