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All Call for UNC Undergrads: Become a Parr Heel!

The Parr Center will provide in-person, undergraduate-focused programs for full-time UNC students during the 2022 – 2023 academic year. Click the tabs above to read program overviews.

Please send all questions to our Director of Undergraduate Programming, Sally Moore.

Are you a UNC undergraduate new to studying ethics, or just wants to get your feet wet? Then apply to be an Ethics Recruit!

The Ethics Recruits program calls on bright, ambitious, and intellectually curious students new to the field of ethics. Recruits develop moral reasoning skills throughout the year in six fundamental ways. In addition, the Ethics Recruits program encourages students to challenge themselves in a welcoming environment. Finally, this program is a great way to work towards the Parr Center Ethics Scholar transcript designation.

  • Learn from ethicists at the Parr Center Lecture Series
  • Interact with UNC ethics researchers at Parr Heel Talks
  • Form lasting connections at Parr Center social events
  • Assist Regional and National High School Ethics Bowls
  • Collaborate on rigorous research and programming
  • Access the Parr Center Ethics Scholar Program

Learn more and access our application at:

Calling all UNC undergraduates interested in discussing and conducting team-based projects in ethics: We want you!

The Parr Center Ethics Fellow program is a selective co-curricular program for which students are chosen based on a written application and a personal interview with Parr Center staff. Criteria for selection are the student’s interest in deepening their ethical competencies through co-curricular enhancement and their potential contribution to team-based and project-based moral learning.

Fellows must participate in all required Fellow activities. The Ethics Fellow program kicks off each year with a full-day orientation/retreat with Parr Center staff, at which Fellows lead group activities. Next, fellows meet regularly as a body throughout the academic year to hear and discuss Fellow-focused lectures in which scholars from across UNC present research in ethics specifically to the Fellows. In addition, Fellows must attend a number of the Parr Center’s public lectures each year. After training with Parr Center staff, Ethics Fellows serve as moderators at the North Carolina and National High School Ethics Bowl competitions held on our campus each year. Finally, Fellows pursue team-based projects in ethics at the Parr Center throughout the academic year. They spend at least two hours per week working with their teams and are supervised closely by Parr Center staff. As an Ethics Fellow, students spend about 85 hours per year on these co-curricular activities at the Parr Center.

Learn more and access our application at:

Are you a UNC undergraduate who wants to take a deep dive into studying ethics? And do you want that work reflected on your official University Transcript? Then join us as a Parr Center Ethics Scholar!

The Parr Center is pleased to be able to offer a structured program for Carolina undergraduates from all fields of study who are interested in ethics. Students who participate in the program invest significant time and effort in ethical reflection, leadership, and skills development over two years. In recognition of their special concentration on ethics, students who complete the program are recognized as Parr Center Ethics Scholars by an official designation on their University transcript. The creation of this program has been made possible by a generous donation from the Center’s founding donor, Gary Parr, whose support we gratefully acknowledge. Learn more here!