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New Book on Deliberative Pedagogy and Ethics Bowl

NHSEB Director Alex Richardson and Outreach Director Michael Vazquez are both featured in a new volume from Rowman and Littlefield, designed to introduce the Ethics Bowl activity and the dialogical pedagogy methods that underlie it to the broader public. The Ethics Bowl Way: Answering Questions, Questioning Answers, and Creating Ethical Communities, edited by Roberta Israeloff and Karen Mizell is available now!


From philosopher Deborah Mower’s pre-print review: “This volume is a must-read for anyone interested in learning how the Ethics Bowl fosters civil discourse. By weaving ethical conversations into a competitive yet collaborative debate format, the Ethics Bowl cultivates the skills of listening, conversation, deliberation, and problem-solving most needed for modern pluralistic and democratic societies. Those unfamiliar with or new to the Ethics Bowl community will find guidance on how to become involved (whether as an educator, coach, volunteer judge, or supportive community member). Judges and coaches will find thought-provoking models on how to extend the unique experience of Ethics Bowl to others through innovative classroom and community programs. As the first and only full volume on all facets of the Ethics Bowl for multiple demographics and age groups, this book provides a vision of life-long ethical analysis through Ethics Bowl experiences and is destined to become a foundational text.”



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