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Fellowship Wrap Up!

The Celebration

This academic year, sixty intellectually curious, highly motivated students served as Parr Center Undergraduate Fellows, conducting original research and creating opportunities for others to join their exploration in ethics.

Character: Julia Eccleston

“It was such an unexpected honor to receive the character award this year. It’s the most humbling compliment for me to know that my passion for ethics and the Parr Center was felt by other members of the fellowship and I’m filled with gratitude!”

Innovation: Johnathon Kirk & Campbell Lindquist

“Innovation never happens in isolation; it requires the confidence to put unorthodox ideas often rendered thinkable only by possession of a scarce resource such as disability on the table and a great partner to capture value that would inevitably be missed out on if trying to go it alone. Sally Moore is my innovation partner and the people who give me the confidence to innovate are Diane B. Whitaker, Philip Bold, Macy Salzberger, Robert Porter, Alan Nelson and Melissa Joy Solomon most of all!”

“I am incredibly honored to have received the Innovation Award, especially when I consider the breadth of talent and commitment of the Parr Center Fellows. The Parr Center gives ethical thinkers a means by which to connect, discuss, and influence—but it is the members who are the heart the fellowship. Truly, this award is not about the individual; rather, it is about an extraordinary community that supports, encourages, and inspires innovation.”

Leadership: Noah Upchurch

“This award is very validating. Sometimes I felt like I couldn’t do enough to stay ahead of the pandemic’s continual challenges. Knowing that my efforts were appreciated means the world to me.”


Carolina Forum for Ethics 

Darian Buck | Ash Santos, Caroline Carpenter, Henry Hawthorn IV, Juliana Hemela, Kobe Spells, Quinn Fong, and Shivam Bhargava


Chapel Phil Podcast

Noah Upchurch | Anna Fiore, Brennan Maynard, Cailee Harrington, Dottie Mayo, Elise Manzari, Emily Rakes, Max Hazerjian, and Yueying Yu


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Andreamarie Efthymiou | Annie Evans, Ashikha Arun, Emily Bradbury, Isha Padhye, Liam Bendezu, and Shatorupa Ghosh


Ethics from My Seat

Katie Leonard | Amy Feng, Andy Jin, Cambell Lindquist, Eesha Desai, Emily Mathew, Enrique Rojas-Martinez, Esha Parikh, Jessica Sain, Jonathan Saju, Karina Vasudeva, Nayeli Duckworth, and Rachel Niemira



Caitlin Davis | Akankshya Jena, Autumn Puello, and Tendo Nakasenge


National High School Ethics Bowl

Guido Chiriboga | Daniel Harris, Evan Liebgott, Hayden Graham, Jennifer Judd, and Johnathon Kirk



Sidharth Sirdeshmukh | Aleah Tilson, Ananya Mallik, Catherine Crooks, and Lindsay Worley


Parr Heel Blog

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