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Vazquez on Stoicism & its Legacies

The philosophical and ethical themes of ancient Stoic thinkers have attracted renewed attention in recent decades as people struggle to cope with public events that are far beyond anyone’s personal control. Global economic systems, vast governmental structures, polarizing political conflicts, disruptive pandemics, senseless wars, and huge institutional bureaucracies have provoked new debates about the meaning of personal freedom and ethical choices: how can individuals find meaningful lives within a world they can never control? This was also the question for ancient Stoic thinkers such as Zeno of Citium, Seneca, and Epictetus, whose ideas gained wide influence in antiquity and created cultural legacies that have endured from the era of the Roman Empire into our own historical moment. In this timely seminar, Michael Vazquez will discuss key Stoic ideas and note their lasting philosophical attraction; and Carolina Public Humanities Director Lloyd Kramer will join a concluding dialogue to provide additional historical perspectives.

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