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NHSEB 10: A New Look for the Program


It’s been ten years since the National High School Ethics Bowl’s founding in 2012. In that time, the program has grown by leaps and bounds. As we approach our tenth anniversary season in 2022-2023, NHSEB is bigger, better, and more inclusive than ever. This year, our team thought it was time for a new look. A look that celebrates our large and diverse community, and which represents the spirit of our activity: one of excitement, friendliness, and collaboration. This summer, you’ll see exciting new branding roll out across all the contexts in which we engage our community: here on the main NHSEB website and in our official communications, running through our learning materials and resources on NHSEBAcademy, and in a fresh coat of paint for our online competition platform, NHSEBOne, which is scheduled to receive some exciting updates this Fall. We’ll also be making a new brand and design toolkit and other resources¬†available to our Regional Organizers, stakeholders, and press partners to enable clear and easy communication about the nature and values of the activity we all know and love.


We hope you’ll join us later this year for NHSEB’s biggest year yet, as we launch the 2022-2023 season, and celebrate ten years of thinking, talking, and working together on tough but important moral issues. ¬†