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Undergraduate End of Year Celebration

This year, 85+ intellectually curious, highly motivated students served as Parr Heels, conducting original research and creating opportunities for others to join their exploration in ethics. Students finished the year with a celebration at the North Carolina Botanical Garden. We are so proud of their accomplishments!

Anna Fiore

Annette Varghese

Ash Huggins

Ash Santos

Autumn Puello

Christina Oh

Elise Manzari

Enrique Rojas-Martinez

Isha Padhye

Joseph Nieto

Kobe Spells

Leo Kirby

Lindsay Worley

Maddie Purser

Max Hazerjian

Noah Upchurch

Shatorupa Ghosh

Shivam Bhargava

Students who participate in the Parr Center Ethics Scholar program invest significant time and effort in ethical reflection, leadership, and skill development over two years. Ethics Scholars are sharp, dedicated, and display a solid understanding of moral concepts. Students who complete the program are recognized as Parr Center Ethics Scholars by an official designation on their University transcript.

Congratulations to our second-ever Ethics Scholar cohort!

  • Anna Fiore
  • Ash Huggins
  • Ash Santos
  • Christina Oh
  • Eesha Desai
  • Elise Manzari
  • Hayden Graham
  • Isha Padhye
  • Jennifer Judd
  • Johnathon Kirk
  • Joseph Nieto
  • Katie Leonard
  • Lindsay Worley
  • Maddie Purser
  • Max Hazerjian
  • Noah Upchurch
  • Shivam Bhargava

Character: Katie Leonard

“It feels like a warm hug to be celebrated by the same people who embody most of the joy I have experienced at UNC. The recognition is a testament to the influence of fellow Parr Heels, thoughtful friends of remarkable character!”

Innovation: Amy Feng and Shivam Bhargava

“Winning the Innovation Award meant a lot to me because my pod worked incredibly hard this past year to create unique opportunities for the UNC community. It was truly an honor to win an award from an organization that has meant so much to me in my time at UNC.” 

I am very grateful to be one of this year’s recipients of the Parr Heel Innovation Award! Getting to lead the Bioethics Pod with Shiv was one of my biggest highlights this year, and I cannot thank my fellow pod members (Lindsay, Karina, Akankshya, Divya, Jessica, and Numair) enough for all their help and support!”

Leadership: Leo Kirby

“Being a part of the Parr Center has been clarifying for me. The wonderful community at the Parr Center helped me understand the kind of impact I want to have on the world. Working alongside such passionate and driven people has allowed me to develop my ethics and given me te tools to participate in important conversations.”



Shivam Bhargava & Amy Feng | Akankshya Jena, Divya Mehta, Jessica Sain, Karina Vasudeva, Lindsay Worley, Numair Attaar


ChapelPhil Podcast

Brennan Maynard & Lorelai Sykes | Andy Jin, Annette Varghese, Ashley Villanueva, Elise Manzari, Max Hazerjian, Samad Rangoonwala


Environmental Ethics

Cailee Harrington & Maddie Purser | Arnav Gunwani, Eesha Desai, Isha Padhye, Joseph Nieto, Shatorupa Ghosh, Simone McFarlane


Ethics From My Seat

Hayden Graham & Enrique Rojas-Martinez | Johnathon Kirk, Jonathan Saju, Kenzie Novak, Lauren Haines


National High School Ethics Bowl

Jennifer Judd & Noah Upchurch | Ann Goulian, Caitlin Davis, Daniel Harris, Jaida Jett, Katie Leonard, Leo Kirby


Parr Heel Blog

Ash Huggins & Christina Oh | Anna Fiore, Autumn Puello, Boatemaa Agyeman-Mensah


Parrtisan Ethics

Ashton Santos & Kobe Spells | Ananya Mallik, Esha Parikh, Imani Rankins, Juhi Gulati

The Ethics Recruits program calls on bright, ambitious, and intellectually curious students who are new to the field of ethics. Recruits develop moral reasoning skills throughout the year and are provided the opportunity to apply early to the following year’s Ethics Fellow program.

We are pleased to welcome our new additions to the 2022 – 2023 Ethics Fellow cohort!

  • Aditi Duttachowdry
  • Aidan Groves
  • Alexandra Calayan
  • Anika Jain
  • Austin Cook
  • Elijah Parrish
  • Hannah Hankins
  • Jakob Cisco
  • Jane Antonas
  • John Moore
  • Kayden Hunt
  • Megan Chen
  • Michael Zhang
  • Pratyush Seshadri
  • Samara Galo
  • Sarah Duncan