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PHIL 292 Students Win APPLES Grants

Undergraduates taking Parr Center Graduate Assistant Delaney Thull’s Fall 2022 course have been awarded Transportation Grants from the Carolina Center for Public Service’s APPLES Service-Learning program. This funding facilitates their ability to travel to their experiential-learning service placement sites in Durham and in Eastern North Carolina as part of their work in PHIL 292: Democratic Deliberation Across Rural/Urban Divides. In both locations, students are working to support the Parr Center’s NHSEBBridge initiative by teaching high school students and teachers about the deliberation methods central to the Center’s award-winning National High School Ethics Bowl program.
Congratulations to Timothy Anderson, William Etringer, Austin Foushee, Lys Metina-Belknap, Alyssa Poisson, Jonathan Shauf, and Noel Therien. And: a big thank you to CCPS and APPLES for supporting opportunities for experiential-learning in the Philosophy Department.