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Covid-19: Watch this space for updates regarding Spring 2021.

Reading groups meet, with a leader, over dinner to discuss a book relevant to Ethics. The books will be provided and the cost of dinner will be covered. Each group will meet eight times over the course of the semester for approximately an hour and a half each meeting; groups meet after classes have ended for the day, depending on the discussion leaders’ desired time.

Please keep in mind that, if you do join a reading group, attendance and participation at each meeting is required. In addition, towards the end of the semester, we will ask you to provide an evaluation of your experience in the group. This is essential to our continuation of this program and we take your feedback seriously!


UNC Arete Fellowship

The Parr Center for Ethics would like to also invite you to apply for a student-led reading group on Effective Altruism. The Arete Fellowship is a nine-week extracurricular program that offers an accelerated introduction to Effective Altruism (EA) for students who are highly motivated to think rationally about their potential to have a positive impact on the world. Arete aims to educate students about major global challenges, such as global poverty, the rise of artificial intelligence, and the dangers of climate change and how we can use our careers to effectively tackle them. The fellowship covers topics including rationality, the science of morality, and the future of humanity. Click here to learn more or apply. If you have any questions about Effective Altruism or the Arete Fellowship, feel free to email


Questions? Email our Director of Undergraduate Programming, Sally Moore.