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Become a Parr Heel!

This year, the Parr Center is pleased to announce a new programming suite for UNC students. Our newly branded Parr Heel Programming allows students to choose a level of engagement that best fits their goals and needs. Read more about our programs below!

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Ethics Recruits

The Ethics Recruits program calls on bright, ambitious, and intellectually curious students who are new to the field of ethics. Recruits develop moral reasoning skills throughout the year in six fundamental ways. In addition, the Ethics Recruits program encourages students to challenge themselves in a welcoming environment. Finally, this program is a great way to work towards the Parr Center Ethics Scholar transcript designation!

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Ethics Fellows

The Ethics Fellows program provides students opportunities to work in teams on projects of ethical concern. At the beginning of the year, Fellows self-select from a variety of year-long projects. Projects are conducted by 6-9 students and supervised by Parr Center staff members. Students are required to work on their project for at least one hour each week and to meet with their team weekly. This year’s projects are:

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Ethics Scholars

Students who participate in the Parr Center Ethics Scholar program invest significant time and effort in ethical reflection, leadership, and skill development over two years. Ethics Scholars are sharp, dedicated, and display a solid understanding of moral concepts. In acknowledgment of their unique concentration on ethics, students who complete the program are recognized as Parr Center Ethics Scholars by an official designation on their University transcript.

  1. Two Years as an Ethics Fellow
  2. Two Ethics Courses
  3. A UNC Skills Training course
  4. Final Presentation and Reflection
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