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A list of Parr Center for Ethics Faculty Fellows, all of whom have research and teaching interest in ethics.

The Parr Center Faculty Fellows are committed to teaching about and promoting the discussion of ethical theory and issues. Fellows conduct research, and/or teach ethics in their respective fields and participate in various ways in Parr Center events. You can find more information on becoming a Faculty Fellow here.


NameAffiliation Research Interest
Howard AldrichDepartment of SociologyEvolutionary Social Science; Entrepreneurship; Organizations, Occupations, and Work; Economic Sociology; Inequality
Denise AnthonySchool of Information and Library Science Archives and historical collections
Stephen ArbogastKenan-Flagler Energy CenterInternational Finance, Project Finance, Business Ethics and the Business of Energy
A. Fleming BellSchool of GovernmentEthics & Criminal Justice; Crime Fear; Criminal Law; Levels of Incarceration; Juvenile Delinquency
Judith R. BlauDepartment of Sociology Human Rights
Lois BoyntonSchool of journalism and Mass CommunicationEthical decision-making; Professionalism; Social Responsibility; Agenda Building; Persuasion
Molly BroadSchool of Government Leadership; Strategic Planning; Economic Development
Lissa BroomeSchool of Law Banking Law; Commercial Law; Contracts; Corporate Board Diversity
Mara BuchbinderDepartment of Anthropology
Department of Social Medicine
Medicine; Bioethics; Medical Anthropology; Law; Patient-Provider Relationship
Giselle Corbie-SmithDepartment of Social MedicinePractical and Ethical Issues Regarding Involvement of Minorities in Research
Arlene DavisDepartment of Social MedicineClinical Ethics; Research Ethics; Health Law
Sreedhari DesaiKenan-Flagler Business SchoolOrganizational Behavior, Ethical Decision Making, Fairness and Gender Diversity
David DillDepartment of Public PolicyAcademic Reseach Policy; Norms and Values on Academic Conduct; Ethical Dimensions of Teaching; Academic Culture of Universities; Market Forces
Michael FernDepartment of Computer ScienceDecision-making; new product development; entrepreneurship
Jill FisherDepartment of Social MedicinePharmaceutical Industry; Clinical Trials; Political Economy; Healthcare; Social Inequalities; Research Ethics
Gary GalaDepartment of PsychiatryPhilosophical issues in Psychiatry; Philosophy of Mind
Deborah GerhardtSchool of Law Art Law; Copyright Law; Intellectual Property; Media Law; Plagiarism
Amelia Gibson School of Information and Library Science Communities and health-related information behavior, information worlds, information needs and practices of individuals with developmental disabilities, information policy
Hannah GillCenter for Global InitiativesSocial Anthropology; Latin American Migration
Suzanne GulledgeSchool of EducationTeacher Professional Development; Social Foundations; Teaching Ethics; Social Studies Education
Richard HarrillCampus YYouth Service; Civic Engagement
Carol HeeKenan-Flagler Business SchoolSustainable Enterprise; Environmental Strategy
Gail HendersonDepartment of Social MedicineGlobal Health Inequality; Research Ethics
Thomas HillDepartment of PhilosophyEthics; History of Ethics; Political Philosophy
David A. HofmannKenan-Flagler Business SchoolLeadership, Organizational Culture, Safety Culture, Healthcare
Terrence HoltDepartment of Social MedicineMedicine and Literature; Medical Autobiography
Norma HoustonSchool of Government Emergency Management Law; Public Contract Law; Property Disposal
Eric JuengstCenter for Bioethics
Department of Social Medicine
Bioethics; Genetics; Biotechnology
Joseph E. KennedySchool of LawEthics and Criminal justice; Crime Fear; Levels of Incarceration; Juvenile Delinquency
Laurie LangbauerEnglish & Comparative LiteratureChildren in Literature; Ethics in Literature
Marc LangeDepartment of PhilosophyPhilosophy of Science; Metaphysics; Epistemology
Douglas LongDepartment of PhilosophyBioethics; Philsophy of the Mind; Free Will
Deborah LoveCenter for BioethicsBioethics; Health Care Ethics
Christian LundbergDepartment of Communication StudiesPublic Discourse; Rhetorical Theory; Cultural Studies
Anne LyerlyDepartment of Social MedicineWomen’s Health; Reproductive Medicine; Bioethics; Health Policy
Douglas MacLeanDepartment of PhilosophyPractical Ethics; Moral and Political Theory; Issues in Environmental Ethics
Timothy MarrDepartment of American StudiesIslam; American Views of Islam; Birth and Death; Cultural Memory
Steven MayDepartment of Communication StudiesOrganizational Ethics; Corporate Social Responsibility
John McGowanEnglish & Comparative Literature
Institute for the Arts and Humanities
Theory and Practice of Representation in Victorian Literature; Philosophical Antecedents to Contemporary Theory; Shifting Roles of the Intellectual
Kevin T. McGuireDepartment of Political ScienceU.S. Supreme Court; American Constitutional Law
Benjamin Mason MeierDepartment of Public PolicyInternational Law; Public Policy; Global Health; Human Rights; Global Health Governance
Raúl Necochea Department of Social Medicine History of Medicine and Science; Global Health; Sexual and Reproductive Health; Latin America; Science and Technology Studies
Alan NelsonDepartment of PhilosophyModern Philosophy
Dan NelsonDepartment of Social Medicine Research Ethics; Human Research Protections
Cathy PackerSchool of Journalism and Mass CommunicationMedia law; Internet Law; Access to Government Information; Reporter’s Privilege Law
Susan Harbage PageDepartment of Women's and Gender Studies Photography and Site-Specific Installation on Immigration, Race, Gender, and Nation.
Ellen R. Peirce Kenan-Flagler Business SchoolStrategy; Entrepreneurship; Discrimination in the Workplace; Ethics in Corporate Governance; Workplace Management
Gerald PostemaDepartment of Philosophy
School of Law
Ethics; Philosophy of Law; Politics; Professional Responsibility
Peter RedfieldDepartment of Anthropology Anthropology of Science; Technology and Medicine; Humanitarianism and Human Rights; Colonial History; Ethics, Nongovernmental Organizations and Transnational Experts; Global Knowledge
C.D.C ReeveDepartment of Philosophy Ancient Greek Philosophy
Stuart RennieDepartment of Social MedicineBioethics; Research Ethics; Public Health Ethics; Medical Ethics in the Developing World
Thomas RickettsDepartment of Social MedicineRural Healthcare; Primary Care; Regionalization of Services; Political Philosphy; Policy Implementation and Development; Global and Comparative National Health Policies
Michele Rivkin-FishDepartment of AnthropologyHealth and Gender in Russia; Moral Economies of Medicine and Health in the United States
Barry RobertsKenan-Flagler Business SchoolEntrepreneurship; Venture Financing; Ethics and Commercial; Consumer Law
Myra RocheCenter for Genomics & SocietyGenetic Counseling; Families Understanding of Genetic Information; Ethical Issues Arising from Genomic Testing
Steven Rosefielde Department of EconomicsEconomic Systems of Continental Europe, America, Japan, Russia, China, and Korea
Barbra RothschildCenter for Genomics & SocietyHuman Subjects; Research Ethics; Community Engagement
Geoff Sayre-McCordDepartment of Philosophy
Philosophy, Politics, & Economics
Metaethics, Moral Theory, History of Philosophy (especially Hume and Smith), Epistemology
Richard SaverSchool of LawCorporate Law; Health Law; Non-Profit Organizations Law; Products Liability
Sohini SenguptaCenter for Health Promotion and Disease PreventionHIV/AIDS; Domestic Violence; Stigma; Research and Clinical ethics; Health Disparities
Betsy SleathSchool of PharmacyProvider-Patient Communication
Mi-Kyung SongSchool of NursingBioethics; End of Life Communication; Treatment Decision Making; Surrogate Decision Making; Integration of Palliative Care
Jeff Spinner-HalevDepartment of Political ScienceContemporary Liberal and Democratic Theory; Citizenship; Diversity; Minorities
Niklaus Andreas SteinerCenter for Global InitiativesImmigration; Refugees; Nationalism; Citizenship
John StephensDepartment of Political ScienceComparative Politics; Political Economy; European Politics; Political Economy of Advanced Industrial Societies
Kim Strom-GottfriedSchool of Social WorkAcademic Leadership; Professional Ethics; Social Work Education; Bereavement
Randall StyersDepartment of Religious Studies Religion in Modern Western Culture; Cultural History of the Study of Religion; Religion and Gender; Religion in American Law and Politics; Critical Social Theory
James ThomasDepartment of EpidemiologyPublic health Ethics; Affect of Social Forces on Distribution of STDs
Marcia Van RiperSchool of Nursing
Center for Genomics & Society
Bioethics; Children's Health; Genetics
Rebecca Walker Department of Social Medicine
Department of Philosophy
Practical Virtue Ethics; Concepts of Autonomy; Bioethics; Ethics of How We Treat Non-Human Animals; Allocation of Healthcare Resources
Judith WegnerSchool of Law Higher Education; Land Use; Legal Education; Legislation; Local Government; Property Law, State and Local Government Law
Amina WhiteDepartment of Obstetrics & Gynecology, UNC School of Medicine Bioethics, Trauma-informed Practices, Patient-physician Communication; Patient Activation and Engagement of Disadvantaged or Marginalized Groups, Participation of Pregnant Women in Clinical Trials
Barbara WildemuthSchool of Information & Library ScienceInformation Seeking Behaviors; Information Use, Design and Evaluation of Information Systems; Adoption and Use of Information
Rachel A. Willis Department of American StudiesFactors Affecting Access to Work in the American Economy
Louise WinstanlyGillings School of Global Public Health; Center for Bioethics
Erica WiseDepartment of PsychologyEthical and Legal Issues in the Provision of Psychological Services; Assessment of Outcomes in Psychotherapy
Susan WolfDepartment of Philosophy Moral Psychology; Value Theory; Normative Ethics