Welcome to the Parr Center for Ethics!

As the Parr Center’s new Director, I’m delighted to welcome you to our site and encourage you to have a look around. The Parr Center is the University’s central resource for facilitating informed, nonpartisan inquiry about ethical matters. We aim to promote thoughtful engagement with both the Big Questions and the most pressing issues of our day. Our programs include the Ethics Around the Table (EAT) Series, the Ethics in the Workplace Workshop for UNC staff members, and our award winning Philosophy Outreach program, which held over 200 events across North Carolina last year. The Parr Center for Ethics hosts the annual Chapel Hill Metaethics Workshop, and we are the founding home and headquarters of the National High School Ethics Bowl, which serves over 2,000 students and teachers across the country. Our Parr Center Presents series brings nationally recognized experts to the UNC campus to talk about central issues of moral importance.

On behalf of the stellar staff at the Parr Center, I welcome your participation in our activities and invite you to share your ideas about how we may best serve our community.



Russ Shafer-Landau

RSL1 (2)